Call Center Cubicles

Call Center Cubicles : Call center furniture is all about efficiency, conversion, quality, and results. This is why businesses turn to us for call center cubicles and telemarketing cubicles. Our cubicles offer your business the most-cost-efficient way to furnish your office with top-quality call center cubicles. We give you better-than-new products with the cost savings of used. Here's how:

With the same precision and care of the original manufacturer, we take the highest-quality, steel cubicle panels, strip them down to the steel, repaint them, recover them, and fit them with entirely new work surfaces. This allows us to provide your call center with like-new cubicles -- giving you the added benefit of your choice of fabric and worksurface color to match your office. The best part is that while saving money, you're also doing your part to conserve and protect the environment.

Our most popular option is our 4' call station which features the following:

  • 53 inch tall, accoustic, steelcase panels, with your choice of taupe, camel, sage, or silver fabric.
  • 2 foot deep, new worksurfaces, with your choice of a cherry or maple colored laminate surface.

We realize that your location may have unique needs, and we're here to assist you in achieving the maximum efficiency and quality in your call center office furniture. Please give us a call or send us a short note in the form to the right, and we will quickly respond with options to meet the needs of your business.

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